Achieving Automation, Functional Safety and Fleet Efficiency

With the potential cost saving opportunities with autonomous technology, commercial trucks are now looking into advancing their systems to autonomous driving or semi-automated technology.

Commercial trucks include Fleets, OEMs, and Tier 1/2 companies researching and developing the technology to completely take the driver out of the car at least provider an alternative to a human being driver a car. This is done through a number of technologies installed in the truck using: sensors, cameras, “platooning”, LiDAR, RADAR, connectivity, hardware, software, and of course, security.

The technology being research for commercial trucks lack in regulations and in order for companies to be “sold” on the idea that the technology is the future of the industry, a discussion needs to take place.

There is no better place to learn about the upcoming regulations, technologies and hear from states that have fully adopted the idea than the Autonomous Trucks Las Vegas summit. Join the second rendition of the event to connect with peers, leading experts and colleagues throughout the trucking industry.

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What Will Be Discussed At the Event?


Regulations and how they could pertain to the development and implementation of autonomous technology


Fleet Management discussion of the decision making process of investment


How to address the maintenance of an automated commercial vehicle


Lessons to learn from the passenger car industry


Maintaining competitiveness in the autonomous market

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